At 5 AM Christmas Eve (Bat rescues are not always conveniently timed), "B-r-r-ring" "Huh? Hello?" "The Auburn Police said we should call you. Grandma found a bat in the shower. She wants it removed IMMEDIATELY!" By 5:30 Bob reached the house 15 miles away, and found two bathrobe-clad women standing in the driveway. He quickly went to the shower, picked up the bat, and put him in a container. "Would you please look around the house for more bats?" Half an hour later Bob was standing in the kitchen explaining that "Little Guy", as they named him, probably came in when they had the door to the garage open. After refusing to look at the bat, Grandma asked, "Where do you keep the bats?" "In our dining room." "Are you married?" "Yes." "How long?" "Forty-one years." Then, with sharply focused eyes, she skeptically snapped, "HAPPILY?" As Bob left, Grandma was heading toward the bathroom with a large bucket and a bottle of Lysol!!! "Little Guy" was released this spring.


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