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Most bat rescues are mundane. The bats are usually calmly hanging on a curtain or drapery by a window or on some fancy woodwork or doorframe. They are gently picked up and placed in a rescue box. No fuss, no fury, no problem. Occasionally though circumstances dictate otherwise. Here are a few of the stories about some of the more unique "rescues".

BABE: One desperate call came from a man who found a bat on a slushy Ft. Wayne street, determined it was still alive, and threw it, unconfined, into the trunk of his car!! He got our name from the zoo and drove to our house with the free flopping bat loose in the trunk! When the back was opened, there was all kinds of STUFF (bags of books, clothes, and groceries, basket balls, foot balls, oil cans, toys galore, a baby stroller, and even a loosely rolling frozen turkey)!! Bob and the man emptied the trunk onto our snowy driveway, searching each overly stuffed bag, piece by piece, and finally found poor "Babe" cowering under the spare tire cover. She was bruised (perhaps the turkey had rolled on her?) and VERY grouchy, but calmed finally, and then graduated to a tent with other wintering female Big Brown Bats. In the spring, "Babe" presented us with healthy twins; she and her family were happily released in the early summer.

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