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  • Texas is home to 34 of the 45 species in the U.S. - we are the only state that can make that claim due to our diversity of climate and the sheer size of Texas.
  • Most common species in North Texas are the Mexican free-tail, red, pipistrelle, evening and hoary bats.
  • Bat World is the largest rescue/rehabilitation/re-release sanctuary, in the world, dedicated exclusively to bats and it is located in Texas.
  • Bracken Cave (located near San Antonio) is home to the largest warm-blooded mammal population on earth. It is a maternity colony of 20 million MFT's. During the summer months, since each female gives birth once per year, that number can easily reach 40 million.
  • Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin is the largest urban bat colony in the world. It is home to 1.5 million MFT's and the attraction of the bats brings millions of tourism dollars to the area.
  • Agro - bats
    National Science Foundation
    Findings - the 150 million MFT bats in the 4 county area of Central Texas are the frontline defense against the second most harmful crop pest in America - the corn earworm moth. (Elaborate).

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