This Big Brown Bat found in the gutter in Auburn, was covered with some kind of industrial adhesive, and with his wings glued together, he could hardly move. The little girl who found him named him "Sparky," although this poor bat was anything but! We began twice daily treatments similar to those given to oiled seabirds. Heated Canola Oil was rubbed into his fur to loosen the glue. Then "Sparky" was washed with Dawn Dish Detergent to free the oil, and rinsed with warm water. Next, his fur was blow-dried (With ears back, how "Sparky" hated that!) and brushed. Finally, he was offered a mealworm treat he LOVED that part, and would often reach for the worm before Bob could get it near his mouth! After a week of treatments, "Sparky" was adhesive-free. Then one early summer evening, with overwhelming emotion, we watched "Sparky", now true to his name, with fire in his eyes and a flick of his wings, take off into the darkening night. Rehab does have its rewards!



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