Then there are our three flavors of non-releasable orphans, ---- hoary, red, and brown! Recent observations have shown that those captive orphans, exhibiting problems that prevent them from flying free, will often die within 2-3 years of age. In mid-November, we, too, experienced this situation, as Sloth, our beautiful, deeply furred, gray and beige hoary orphan from last summer, unexpectedly and suddenly died from congestive heart failure as Bob was giving him his nightly cuddle! We miss our gentle giant, who never flew on his own. But how he LOVED to be hand flown! Lying prone in Bob's hand, held securely with thumb on his shoulders, Sloth flapped hard and PEED hard as Bob raced around the front yard, or in the house, creating an exhilarating air current for this enraptured "flyer". The harder Bob ran, the harder Sloth flapped ... and peed (that's what Hoaries do in the wild), watering our grass, Bob's hand, clothes, and sometimes our floor!! We will always remember Sloth's toothy grin as he happily whizzed with Bob around our country property! Abby, a tiny Red Bat, an orphan from late this summer, who LOVES to fly (unfortunately, a flight not strong enough for release), tragically and irreparably injured one of her fingers while persistently performing some aerial maneuvers inside her tent. So now a permanent resident, she has inherited Sloth's legacy, joyfully flapping around the yard as Bob still races in circles with winged ... and wet ... hand outstretched. The neighbors will get no relief from this over-the-line craziness!


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