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Bob and Ann have been involved with raptor rehabilitation since 1992. One of the people involved also rehabilitated small mammals. When she moved to Florida there was no one to care for bats, we decided to fill the void.

Every bat that is received goes through the same protocol. Each is treated for dehydration and emaciation. They are given a rabies vaccination and treated for parasites. They are isolated for 10 days to assure no diseases are present. If there are injuries, they are treated with the appropriate medications and/or surgeries. They are fed age appropriate food such as milk replacer for babies, blended mealworms for furred young and mealworms for adults. The mealworms are raised on a nutritious vitamin/mineral fortified chick feed based mixture. After the bats regain their health and are ready for release, they are put through rigorous flight training in the flight pen. The bats are then released in the proper habitat for each species. Most of our bat care education has come from experience with raptors, our children, self-education, other rehabbers throughout the USA and training at Bat World in Texas.

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